Monday, March 23, 2009

Old Friends

My good friend Rachel who I haven't seen in FOREVER (college) was in Fisher's this past weekend and we got to meet up with her and her adorable son Kaiden. Her husband Paul, who I just love and is a great guy, stayed home this trip. I remember the first date she had with him and I still remember the voice mail she left me after. So cute. Now they are married with an adorable little (almost) 2 yr old. Rachel had not met Jake yet or Connor for that matter so it was nice. We met at Cheeseburgers In Paradise and it was soooo nice to catch up and see her! I just fell in love with Kaiden! He is such a smart, funny adorable little boy. Connor just kind of sized him up the whole meal, it was pretty funny! Rachel and I have decided we need to get together more often so hopefully we can do was a lot of fun. She lives in Chicago (north side) so it, unfortunately, is quite the drive for her. We had a great rest of our day. Jake, Connor, and I went to a beautiful park/gardens for most of the afternoon and just enjoyed the day. I got some good pictures for Connor's 18 month photoshoot which I will share on Wed. It was a great weekend, so nice to catch up with an old friend!

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Rebecca Jo said...

That 2nd picture is funny... little dude isnt sure with that face!