Thursday, April 29, 2010

My little sicky

This image above is pretty much all I have seen since Tuesday morning. My crazy, never sits still, always on the go, 2 1/2 year old has been debilitated by a nasty virus. He has had a high temp, runny nose, sore throat, all the good stuff! :( It breaks my heart to see him like this. He just whimpers and doesn't know what to do with himself. Unfortunately there is not much mama can do except for love on him, give him chocolate milkshakes, let him watch Alvin and the Chipmunks around the clock, and every six hours give him his ibuprofen. I'm breaking all the rules here, but I don't care. He is sick...he could talk me into anything...even that tattoo on his arm, (which I didn't want on) but gave into anyway! :) Even though I hate seeing him sick, I couldn't be more thankful that this is all that is wrong with him. This is easy...this is cake compared to going through what a family at our church is going through right now. I can't help but think of Patty as she sits by her son Evan's side day and night and watches that awful beast we call Leukemia ravage her 16 year old son. Evan is a fighter. He will get through this just fine...he has a strong, immovable faith. He is wise beyond his years at 16. But Patty, I don't know how she does it. I know her heart just hurts watching her son so for now, I'll take the virus, I'll take the fever. In a few days, God willing, Connor will be up and running around. He will have his appetite and be that on the go little boy I know so well. I know in time, Evan will too. For now, I just thank God every day for my family's health. It's so something I NEVER want to take for granted.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My intentions are there...

I try. I really do. I so want to be a good blogger....I miss it. Writing used to be such a creative outlet for me so why am I not on here more often? An overactive 2 year old? Could be. More like lack of inspiration...I have been delving into the photography realm more lately. Recently I took some engagement pictures for a great couple from my church and I had a blast. They were more than happy with them and so was I. Taking pictures makes this mama happy. Very happy. Of course that little overactive 2 year old makes mama happy too! He has such the personality, and oh so sweet. I just love him more and more every day. He really is so smart. He can count to 20 now, says his ABC's and sings several songs. He keeps my days interesting that's for sure.

In the midst of my very long absence, I turned the dreaded 30! I have to say, it has been pretty good. I guess 30 isn't so bad after all. I mean, my 20's weren't all that fantastic..(well my early to mid at least) so I look forward to seeing what my 30's have in store. I know God has some great plans! My birthday fell on a Sunday and I had the nicest, most relaxing day! My mom made my favorite meal and then we went to the mall and just lounged around. The weekend after my bday, we went out to dinner and hung out with some couple friends of ours. It was a good time. Here is a picture of Jake and me on the big birthday!!

The day after my birthday on April 19th, my good friend Hannah gave birth to a little boy named Jeremiah Thomas. We knew ahead of time that Jeremiah had spina bifida. We didn't, however, know the extent. I don't think that even Chris and Hannah know all Jeremiah will face but they do know they love this little boy with all their heart. They are an amazing couple who love the Lord, and they know that He has great plans for little Jeremiah. Please keep this sweet couple in your prayers. They really could use it right now. They are still in the NICU with Jeremiah and are having to be away from their sweet 2 year old girl Elli, which isn't easy. I got to take some pictures of sweet Jeremiah. Meet the sweetest little boy I have ever laid eyes on...yes, I used to think Connor was the sweetest baby, but honestly little Jeremiah takes the cake. He just oozes I love him...

Well, there it is...I am really going to put forth an honest effort here...if not for anyone but myself. I used to journal and I don't anymore. I really love the idea that this can be something I will look back on when Connor is older. Hoping to stay with it...because really, my intentions are there. :)