Saturday, September 20, 2008

The new love of my life....

So, after debating upon this purchase for over a year now, I finally broke down and purchased a new camera. It is a digital slr (a "professional" camera) and it is lovely. I settled on the Canon Rebel XSi. Photography has always been of interest to me and something I would love to pursue more seriously. Hopefully, now this may be something I can do. I am going to look into taking some classes and what not. For now, here are some pictures I have taken with it...I have such a wonderful subject to work with!!! I have so much to learn yet, but I am having fun with the camera and just enjoying it. The quality is just soooo much better than my kodak point and shoot. (although I do love that camera as well) :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Connor's first haircut

So we took the little man to Cookie Cutters tonight for his first haircut! He had a total mullet, poor thing. Another thing that he has inherited is his grandpa John's hairline!!! (mommy, unfortunately has it too) uggggh! Anyway, the poor kid has such a high forehead and little to no hair on top, but he had a head full of it on the back! We have his one year portraits scheduled for next week so it was time for a trim. He did WONDERFULLY! It took them all but about five minutes, but it looks soooo much better! He got the first haircut special, so they gave him a certificate with his picture on it and attached was a little bag with some of his hair in it to save. I was so proud of him, I just have such a handsome little man if I do say so myself!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Van Gogh???

Connor brought home his very first picture that he has ever colored (or attempted to color) last week. He made it in church during their new curriculum time in the nursery. We are so excited because he will be starting a toddler curriculum on Sunday's that sounds wonderful! This little masterpiece is now hanging proudly on mommy and daddy's fridge! It brought a tear to my eye, pathetic as it may be, but it's the first picture he has ever "colored". While I know that he will only come home with countless of these throughout the just made my day to see that in his baby bag waiting for us. My little boy is growing up so fast.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our other baby

I just took some cute pictures of our first baby girl Bella so I had to share. She has been so amazing with Connor lately and let me tell you, he has not been easy with her. He finds it so fun to tug on her tail, pinch her fur, and just generally harass her. Thankfully, Bella takes this so well and just kind of looks at him and sighs. She is really turning out to be a great big "sister"!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Yay for grandparents!!!

So in honor of Grandparent's day today (yes, it is completely a Hallmark holiday) I have decided to post a few pictures of my parents with Connor. He is definitely the light of their lives and we are so grateful that they live close by. Connor just gets so excited when he goes over to grandma and grandpa's. He has always been grandpa John's best buddy and much to grandma Patty's delight, he is giving away a lot of kisses lately! (mommy loves it too!) Thank you to my parents for always being so amazing to our little guy! We love you lots! XOXO

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Where were these when I was little?

So we went to Meijer Monday night and finally one of the Nickelodeon T.V. carts were available, so we thought we would try it out. It only costs a dollar and your little one can watch Nickelodeon while you shop...seriously, where were these when I was little? Anyway, we strapped Connor in and of course, five minutes into the ride, he had wriggled out and was standing up. Daddy put him back in and strapped him again and we went on our way. Connor loved it! He was dancing to the music, pushing the buttons...a lot of fun for just a trip to the grocery store! He did manage to get loose one more time, but that was to be expected...he climbs out of everything! Sure was worth that one dollar though! I took a small video of him while he was dancing to one of the songs!(It was Dora the Explorer that was on) He was also making his goofy face that he just loves to make!
We had a great long Labor day was very low key, but nice! We had a bbq at my parent's house on Sunday and spent a lot of time driving around looking for houses. We are really hoping to find one soon! Our lease is up here in November, but who knows if we can find something before that? We are sure hoping. If not, luckily, we can go month to month! Well, that's all for now! Enjoy the video!