Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Connor's first haircut

So we took the little man to Cookie Cutters tonight for his first haircut! He had a total mullet, poor thing. Another thing that he has inherited is his grandpa John's hairline!!! (mommy, unfortunately has it too) uggggh! Anyway, the poor kid has such a high forehead and little to no hair on top, but he had a head full of it on the back! We have his one year portraits scheduled for next week so it was time for a trim. He did WONDERFULLY! It took them all but about five minutes, but it looks soooo much better! He got the first haircut special, so they gave him a certificate with his picture on it and attached was a little bag with some of his hair in it to save. I was so proud of him, I just have such a handsome little man if I do say so myself!

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