Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So we got one heck of a snowfall here in Indy. I knew they were calling for 4-6 inches and Indianapolis ended up getting almost a foot!! Jake was like a little kid when he came in the bedroom this morning and told me that work had canceled. He came back to bed and we slept in, it was so nice. When all three of us woke up, we headed to Wal-Mart to look for a sled. The only one they had was $31!!! Outrageous! Needless to say, we didn't come home with a sled. We got Connor all bundled up and took him out in the snow to play and he LOVED it!!! He cried so hard when we had to come in, it was so cute. This was his first time playing in the snow, so we weren't sure how he was going to like it. Now, he is napping and Jake and I are enjoying hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies. I made some turkey chili in the crock pot for later, what a fun snow day!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Indianapolis Ice

Jake and I have gone to a few Indianapolis Ice hockey games in the past and we decided this past Friday to bring Connor along. We were a little weary how he might be, but he ended up really surprising us. He did amazing! He stood between Jake and I and jumped up and down and clapped when everyone else clapped, he loved the popcorn and ate half of his dad's bag! He tried to sneak some pepsi as well and he would have drank the whole thing if we let him! We stayed for the first two periods, but by that time it was 9 pm and I didn't want to push him too hard so we ended up leaving, and I think that was a good idea. It was a fun family Friday night!!! :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another visit!

Along with the visit from my friend Kendra, we had a visit from my Uncle Mike (my mom's brother) and my cousin Sarah. I haven't seen them in quite some time and neither one of them had met Connor. My uncle had suffered quite a setback last year around this time and had many health problems so we were so happy to see him doing well and back to himself! When I was little, I was afraid of him, I am not sure why...but now my family doesn't let me forget it! ha! Anyway, I obviously got over that and so we wanted to see how Connor would act. Well, Connor wasn't afraid of him by any means, but he definitely wanted to keep his distance! :) Uncle Mike gave him M&M's so Connor would take one and then back up and eat it. When we left, I handed Connor for Mike to hold to see if I could get a picture....well, you can imagine how that went....I will post the picture below. I had a wonderful time visiting and was so happy to get to spend time with the both of them.

Connor's new BFF

So Connor now has a new BFF and it is my friend Kendra. Kendra had been living in Los Angeles and just recently moved back to Illinois. Since she lived so far away, she had not met Connor yet, so we were very excited to see her! It had been way too long! She came to see us and Connor was napping...well when he woke up, he immediately went to Kendra and hugged her for about two minutes straight. This was the beginning of the BFF's! He got to share her pizza with her and her soda so he definitely loved that! He didn't want me for the rest of the night, or in the morning. He only wanted Kendra! We were so glad to be able to visit with her and next time hope it can be longer! It's great to have her back! Here are some pics of the new BFF's.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Dear Lord...

Please let mommy give me ice cream for supper tonight and make her let me stay up until 10pm so I can play with all my toys because I don't like to go to bed. Thank you. Love, Connor

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

*NO Mt.Dew's were consumed by my 15month old* :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Parents Night Out

Saturday night Jake and I had our parent's night out and it was a lot of fun. For dinner, we went to our FAVORITE place to eat here in Indy called Yat's. They have the best cajun food ever! After stuffing our faces, we met Penny, Craig, Dexter, Jessica, and Anne at the Pacer's game. They were nice enough to get us the tickets! We sat up pretty high but there is not a bad seat at the Fieldhouse! Plus, I was very excited because I got to use my 70/300mm telephoto lens and it did an awesome job! From the pictures, there was no way you could tell we were sitting up so high. The game was actually very exciting and the Pacer's managed to bring home a win at the end. It was a fun night!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Warm December day

It was so nice out the other day (upper 50's) that we decided to take Connor to the park at the school that is right across the street from where we live. We hadn't gone to it yet, because it has always been too cold, but I am glad we did. It is so big and there are like 3 parks at the same spot! There is also an old schoolhouse which the children use as a greenhouse I believe. It is just a nice quiet area...when school is out of course. :) It was so nice to just get outside, Connor loves it so much and it does him a world of good to get some fresh air. We try to bundle him up real good and still take short walks when it is cold, but not too cold. Connor loved the park this day, he just ran around and played with daddy and had a blast. It was a nice change from the frigid weather....although we have yet to see any snow.