Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Connor's new BFF

So Connor now has a new BFF and it is my friend Kendra. Kendra had been living in Los Angeles and just recently moved back to Illinois. Since she lived so far away, she had not met Connor yet, so we were very excited to see her! It had been way too long! She came to see us and Connor was napping...well when he woke up, he immediately went to Kendra and hugged her for about two minutes straight. This was the beginning of the BFF's! He got to share her pizza with her and her soda so he definitely loved that! He didn't want me for the rest of the night, or in the morning. He only wanted Kendra! We were so glad to be able to visit with her and next time hope it can be longer! It's great to have her back! Here are some pics of the new BFF's.

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