Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day...Now and Then

For fun, here is a picture of the little man today on St.Patrick's day and I am including one that I took of him one year ago today! My boy is getting so big!!! Hope everyone enjoys their green day today! I am sure to be pinched if I go out (0ther than the park) because I have on a black t-shirt, jeans, and pink flip-flops! Thankfully none of the other moms at the park today felt the need to pinch! It's not my fault, I own like nothing green! The one thing I do have is a sweatshirt and it is waaaaaaay too nice out for that! Thank the Lord! The weather is beautiful and I am LOVING it!!!

Our little man, one year ago today


Rebecca Jo said...

He looks like a wee little man!!! too cute! Love the 1st st patricks day shirt too - that smile is just cutest!

pam said...

Oh My, how he has grown in only one year!!