Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fun family visit

The day after Thanksgiving we had a visit from Jake's grandma Birdie, his Aunt Penny, and cousin Anne. We were thrilled to see them all because it has been a while. Jake and I were wondering how Connor would be because he hadn't napped and it is always up in the air if he doesn't sleep. Boy did I underestimate him...he was such a good boy all day long! He just loved seeing everyone and was showing off the whole time they were here. We all went out to lunch and he was so good at lunch, he just sat there and "talked" to us all. He also put on quite the show by dancing to some Neil Diamond for them. He danced through the whole song and we were all dancing with him and just cracking up! He LOVES being the center of attention and he is such a little comedian! We were all so happy to visit with Birdie, Penny, and Anne. It was a much better alternative to shopping on black Friday! :)

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