Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Quick trip to the big town of Ladd

Last Saturday we took a trip back to my hometown of Ladd, Illinois. It was unfortunately a very quick trip, we spent more time in the car than anything! BUT it was nice to see the few people we were able to see. I would have liked to have seen many more, but with being in the middle of moving and so much going on, this one had to be a quick one. On the way out of town, mom and dad's car started acting up so we had to go back home and switch everything and take Jake's...we almost called it off, but didn't. We finally made it on the road and on our way. We stopped by our friend Laura's at first. She is such a sweet lady and we love her dearly. Connor loved her house b/c she has tons of breakables! LOL! It is definitely not child friendly...but that was o.k. We had a nice visit with her and then went on to Torri's which is an ice cream parlor/restaurant that has been around for ages. I grew up going there and it was fun to take Connor there. We met my mom's closest friends, Marge and Bernie there and had a delicious lunch and enjoyed the company. After that, we went to see my "grandpa" Harry and his wife Yvonne. They were our neighbors for about 22 years and I love them both just as much as my real grandparents. It is always so great to visit with them. Harry just got through with some major surgery and had to get some cancer removed from his colon, but he is doing wonderfully now and we found out that he is cancer free so that is awesome! Connor had a blast just going up and down their stairs the whole time...poor Jake got a work out following him around! After that, we left on our journey home. The four hours on the way back seemed like a was a nice visit, but just like always it was way too short.

Laura and Connor

Jake, Connor, and I at Torri's in Ladd

Great grandpa Harry and Connor

I only hope I look this good when I am 84.

Harry, Yvonne, my dad, and Connor

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