Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vans and sunglasses

My two closest friends from home Jessica and Kendra just sent Connor his bday gifts in the mail and Connor just absolutely loves them! They keep him looking like the coolest one year old around. (well, because he is the coolest one year old around!) Kendra has not met Connor yet because of her living in California, but she will be moving back soon so she will meet him then! I kind of made them honorary "aunts" because I have no siblings and well Jake's one brother doesn't see him that often, so I look forward to Connor getting to know them as he gets older, and always having them in our life! We love you "Aunt" Jess and Kendra!

Here are some pictures of Connor sporting his second pair of Vans from Jess!!!

Here he is KNOWING he is cool in his new shades from Ken!

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say hey! I miss you on myspace :/ Hope everything is going good for y'all!!

Bobbi :)