Saturday, November 8, 2008

No more Bouncer Town for awhile....

So it's been a pretty dreary weekend here in Indy. Last night we hit up Target and few other stores and then today Jake worked till' about 2. We thought we might take Connor to a place not to far from here called Bouncer Town. It has a bunch of blow up toys for the kids to jump and play in, and a special area for kids 3 and under. We thought it would be perfect for this rainy, dreary day so we headed out. Of course, everyone in Indy had the same idea so it was pretty packed. We put Connor in the bounce zone and he just sat there like he was being was so funny! We tried to get him to move around but he just wouldn't. We moved him to another section but he just wanted out! We were in and out of there in about 10 minutes! Bouncer Town was not the hit that we thought it would be! Oh well, we will try again another time. After that, we hit up the mall for a bit and then to Paradise Cafe for dinner. Connor was a goof at dinner and danced all through his meal. He was being quite funny and so much fun. We ended up having a low key, really nice night. We also got home in good time so the little man could get to bed for church in the morning. He likes to sleep in, but once he is at church in the nursery, he just lights up. He loves it there!

NOT liking Bouncer Town too much...this is what he did!!! LOL!

Ready to GET OUT!!!

Walking around the mall

Laughing at daddy at dinner

He looks soooo big here!

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Anonymous said...

Awe, what a cutie, as usual!!
Sara was the same way at our fair, when we put
her in a bouncer.

I hope y'all are still doing well :)