Monday, December 8, 2008

Gotta love this time of year

So I was listening to some Christmas music today and I really got in the Christmas spirit so I thought I would post some recent "Christmasy" pictures of the little man that have been taken in the past couple of weeks. Pretty random, but they turned out cute so I thought I would share. He is such a trooper for mommy always having this lens in his face! The very last picture is of him cuddling with daddy. He got pretty sick this past weekend and ended up in the ER with a very high temp. He was just lifeless and only wanted to be held...we were pretty worried about him. Come to find out it was strep throat. It was a rough weekend for him, but the antibiotics have seemed to kick in and he is acting a bit more like himself today. I thought the picture of him snuggling with daddy was so cute.

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