Monday, December 15, 2008

On Saturday we took Connor downtown the Indiana State Museum because they have this thing there every year called Celebration Crossing. It is a pretty cute set up...they have Santa and Mrs. Claus' house and a train ride as well. We got there and didn't realize that it was Girl Scout day so it was pretty packed to say the least. We ate lunch upstairs at the cafe' and I had the most amazing chicken salad EVER....not the point, but it was really good. :) So after that we took Connor over to see Santa, but realized at that point that there was two really long lines so we decided he could do the train or see Santa because we still had to make it to the zoo. We decided on the train, because he loves them and also because Santa is everywhere and we can see him someplace else. Daddy waited in line with him and they had a fun time on the train. We ended up leaving after that to head to the zoo. Luckily we had a pretty good evening for the zoo...I think it was about 36 degrees, which was a lot warmer than it had been. We started out at the White River Gardens where they had an amazing train set going around inside along with Christmas trees and decorations on both floors. It really was beautiful. Next was the zoo and it was just gorgeous! All the lights were so, so pretty! Connor just kind of took it all in from his stroller. We took him on the carousel (his fave part of the zoo) and then also the Holiday train ride to see more lights. He loved that as well. We saw the dolphins and all the indoor was fun being there at night. We went to see the reindeer and tried once again to see Santa, but it was getting late and the line was so long that we once again decided we could wait on Santa. We had a very long, but very fun Saturday. Connor was definitely passed out the minute he got strapped into his car seat!!!

All bundled up for Christmas at the Zoo!

Connor on a life size truffle!

Chillin' on Santa's sleigh

Lunchtime at the state museum

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