Monday, May 25, 2009

Indy 500 Race Weekend

Memorial weekend is always a big weekend in our family because it means that it's RACE weekend! When I say my family, I mean my dad and I. :) And by race, I mean the Indianapolis 500. My mom is not a fan of the race by any means, but I have become a fan because of my dad. I actually got my dad tickets about 6 or 7 years ago to his first race, when we lived in Illinois. He was always a fan, but had never been. The frenzy started dad and I took a trip to Indy race weekend and had the best time! I fell in love and I have loved going ever since, and it's funny that we now live here in Indy and to see how the race craziness actually starts on May 1st!

My husband was never a race fan, but my dad is still working on him. He went to his first race two years ago, but he got lucky b/c we had suite tickets and we got a police escort into the race. We sat in a AC filled suite, with all the food and drinks one could want. It was AWESOME! Of course Jake enjoyed that! Ha! This year, Jake really experienced the race...the hot sun, the loooooooooong walks, the crowds, the crazines....just how it should be. My dad doesn't look forward to much, he doesn't ask for much, but this weekend means the world to him. He truly, truly enjoys it. I am soooo happy that Jake and I were able to go with him. We had a great time and I am even saying that as I sit here wincing in pain from my sunburn. It was well worth it! ;) There's nothing like hearing those cars start up and get up to 220mph as they fly's pretty awesome.

We started off on Saturday by going downtown to the race parade, which I look forward to every year as well. I'm a kid at heart, I love parades! Connor was too little last year to really enjoy it, but he really enjoyed it this year! He was such a trooper! We saw a lot of celebrities and just had a great time. We relaxed the rest of the day knowing we had a big day ahead of us and got up bright and early on Sunday ready for the race. We got to the track by 9 am and found a really good parking spot....we then walked around for a bit and the highlight of my day was running into all the celebrities. I talked with Jan and Meredith from The Office, Mark, Giles, and Derek from DWTS, and saw a few other people. When I said talked to, I mean I said hello and they smiled and said hello you know, we had a nice long conversation. Ha! OH and Mario Lopez...oh wow...can I just say...SO good looking!!! Yikes! Jake and my dad were laughing at me because I was going picture crazy, but can you blame me? I was inches away from Slater himself!!!! Not to mention, hottie McHottie from DWTS and Sex and The City movie! I mean, really...who wouldn't have??

I will just let the pictures speak for themselves...and trust me there are a lot of hang in there, but I just gotta share! Hope everyone has enjoyed their long Memorial Day weekend. God bless all the men and women who have given their lives and are currently serving this country so that myself and my family can be free!!! You are the real celebrities and the reason we celebrate today!

Parade Pics

Ready for the parade!

Mario cute!


Melora Hardin, Jan from "The Office"

Kate Flannery, Meredith from "The Office"

Josh Duhamel, the pace car driver

Dick Vitale

Danica Patrick. I, myself, am not a fan, but she DID run a great race coming in 3rd and it is a good picture.

The OH SO gorgeous Giles Marini!! I had to hold back from posting all the awesome pictures I took of him! ha!

The one who took it home for the third time, Helio Castroneves!

Jake, Connor, and I after the parade

Race Pics

My dad's shirt, "Old Guys Rule...A Checkered Past." Ha!

Derek Hough from DWTS

Giles and Mario at the race

I know, I know...but those dimples...I just had to put it up!

Meredith at the race. Seriously, don't celebrities sweat? I was like sweating buckets at this point. It was SO hot! They all looked flawless!

"Jan" again...she is sooo pretty!

The pagoda...Celebrating 100 years

Not too easy to take pictures of cars going 220mph, but I did get some good ones!

The pit crew working on a car

Helio's winning lap!!

Jake and I in the stands

Congrats Helio!

Dad and Jake at the race, dad is going to make a fan out of him yet!


Rachel said...

You had GREAT pictures from the parade! We had terrrrrible seats! I'm so jealous you got to see Mario Lopez! We got there right after he went by!

Lauren said...

Thanks for stopping by, Jeni--Connor is a real live doll!

I hope the Lord blesses you today! Love,
PS--Wish I could say I saw AC Slateer live and in color...

smile steady said...

Awesome pictures! I'm so jealous that you were that close to Giles and Mario (swoon).