Monday, May 4, 2009

Catching up

It's been awhile since I have blogged...a lot has happened, but i haven't been in the bloggy mood I guess. (Is bloggy a word?) Oh well. I hope to get back into the groove because I do enjoy it. Four days after my last blog post on our Anniversary, I celebrated my 29th birthday. It was a great birthday...Jake and I just spent the day bumming around and my parents watched Connor. It was a great b-day and my awesome hubby bought me the Ipod touch! He actually gave it to me early, but I LOVE it! It was a wonderful 29th birthday...I'm holding on to my 20's with a death grip...but I have a year I guess. My husband on the other hand, just celebrated his 30th b-day this past weekend. We had a great day...I wanted Jake to do whatever he wanted and so he chose to go to a minor league game on Saturday night and so we did. We also have plans to go to Cincinnati in June and see the White Sox (his fave team) vs. The Reds and we will stay the weekend. Luckily my awesome parents watched Connor for us so we didn't have to chase him around all night. I surprised Jake and had his name put on the scoreboard announcing his b-day and he LOVED it! On Sunday (his actual b-day) we spent the day at a State Park and just had a fun day.

In between all of that, here are some odds and ends that also went on........

~Connor finished his swim class and after his one bad class, he ended up LOVING it!

~I went with one of my best friends to Ohio to see Britney Spears!!!!!!!!!!! I hope to have some pictures up soon. I get ribbed a lot for being a fan, but I have followed her since the beginning and I just love her! We had a great girls couple of days away, it was awesome!

~I got asked to take pictures at the Father/Daughter dance at our church and had a blast doing it! I do have to say that I was very pleased with how they turned out.

~I am still really enjoying working out at Bally's. I look forward to it now and that's not something I ever thought I would say.

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