Thursday, May 7, 2009

BRITNEY!!! (Spears, that is)

So, yeah, I like Britney Spears...she is and always has been a guilty pleasure of mine.(I get a LOT of flack for this) I have loved her since "Hit Me Baby One More Time". Now, I know that she doesn't have the best voice, or even remotely close to it, but the girl can bust a move and I love that. Well, she used to be a much better dancer than lately, but she's on her way baaaaaack!!! Like I said, guilty pleasure...but I'm not hiding it!!! My good friend Erica happens to love her as much as I do and she got two tickets for her birthday and asked me to go! Of course I said yes without hesitation...and then I hung up and screamed with excitement! The concert was in Columbus, Ohio which was about a 2 1/2 hr drive for us and we had so much fun! There was one small snafu and of course it had to do with me injuring myself. Right when we got to the motel, I fell on the concrete and fell straight on my bad knee ( I shattered this leg two years prior)....Erica was terrified and ended up getting up and felt o.k. besides some scrapes. Well, as time went on, it swelled to about the size of a baseball so we went to first aid at the concert...they gave me ice and told me to elevate, yeah, I really can't elevate it at a concert that is packed full of tweens dancing....sooooo I pushed through and boy did it hurt, but I was determined not to let it ruin the concert. She didn't sing one note...which I knew she wouldn't, but I loved it nonetheless. Some of it was a bit much, but I really did love it. After the concert we ate at a place across the street from our motel called "Raising Cane" was chicken and they had the BEST sauce ever for their chicken fingers! While we were eating I decided to check out my knee and was shocked! It was the worst bruise I had ever seen! It is a week later and the bruise runs all the way down to my ankle and all across my knee and on the sides. It was a pretty bad fall I guess....Poor Erica, she can't take me anywhere! We went back to the hotel and stayed up till about 2 am just visiting, it was so nice. The next day we went to lunch at a great little place downtown Columbus, it was so eclectic and had GREAT food! We then had ice cream at a place called....wait for it.....JENI'S!!!!! No one EVER spells their name like me, I was pretty excited. The place was adorable and the ice cream was to die for. I had lemon/blueberry that was out of this world, the blueberries had just been brought it fresh that morning. Erica had the salted caramel and it was just as delish!!! It was a great 24hrs away and seeing Britney was so awesome...despite ending up in first-aid! :)

Erica and I at the motel right before leaving for the concert...we were just a little bit excited! :)

At the concert

Yes, I was taking a picture of myself in the was the coolest bathroom at one of the neatest restaurants downtown Columbus,OH

Notice the spelling??? That's my name, and that is how I spell it!! I was beyond thrilled to find this little gem of a place, it had the BEST ice cream!

This was a cool mural on a side of a building downtown Columbus

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Rebecca Jo said...

Loooks like you had a great time!!!!! Hope your knee is OK... love that a fall didnt stop your fun!!!!

Love those bottle lights.. how cool are those!!!