Monday, May 4, 2009

Friends, Fun, and SUN!

A couple weekends ago some friends of ours had a yard sale. I had told them that I would be over to help out so early Sat. morning the three of us made our way over to their house. Jennifer and Steve have two girls that Connor just adores, he has taken to them so well and they are awesome with him so it is nice when we visit b/c they do so good together. Another friend of ours was there with her baby girl who is 6 months younger than Connor. (Hannah and I have already decided on an arranged marriage between the two) Ha! We had a lot of fun and ended the day with some Bob Evans and Dairy Queen...all the kids were beat and more than ready for a bath by the time we got done with our ice cream, so were the parents for that matter, but it was such a nice day with friends and it was so nice and warm out...I love those days! I definitely didn't get the Mother of the year award though having forgot to put sunscreen on Connor...poor little guy was awfully sunburned. Surprisingly though, he tanned really well from it! Lucky kid!

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