Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Morning Cartoons

So this morning my son wanted nothing to do with me. Come the weekend, I don't exist...which is fine with me because he sees me 24/7 and he doesn't get to see his daddy as much. Well this morning, he was just whiny and wanting to be held, well, not by me apparently! He reached for his daddy and then when Jack's Big Music Show came on (which is his all time favorite show) he would NOT sit anywhere near me on the couch..he nestled himself into a little ball on his daddy's lap. (It really was super cute) I even tried to sit close to Jake and Connor gave me a death stare! HA! So, that's fine...I guess it works for me...I am totally o.k. with being invisible...really, I am. I think I might go catch up on some reading and take a bath...I love Saturdays!


Little Debi P said...

Enjoy it sister!

Rebecca Jo said...

AAHHh - he looks so content sitting with daddy! i'll agree with Debi - enjoy any chance at peace you can get!