Thursday, January 7, 2010

119 Days

So it's been 119 days since I last blogged. I know everyone was waiting with bated breath and losing sleep wondering where I have been...o.k. maybe not...considering it's only really family that ever reads this (if even) HA! Anyway, on top of this being 119 days since I have last blogged, it is also my 100th post. Yeah...nothing too exciting, and let me tell you, I have been sitting on my 100th post forever (119 days to be exact) because I wanted something good, something really fun, something exciting...unfortunately I don't think I can bring all that to the table but I really, really want to become a more avid blogger. I enjoy it. I enjoy writing about my family, sharing pictures, stories, etc. It is something that I know I am going to be glad I did in the long run.
As for what's been up with us in the last 119 days....well, I'll just narrow down the big things. We had a very fun Halloween...Connor was dressed as Elvis and I thought it was creative, cute, and hilarious! We sprayed his precious blond hair all black and gave him sideburns. He was a hit! Thanksgiving was nice, we traveled to my in-laws for a delicious dinner and came back the same night. Christmas, however was very hard this year. My aunt Joyce (my mom's sister) passed away on December 23rd, all too soon. She was only 48 years old. Twenty years ago, my aunt suffered through Non-Hodgkins lymphoma. She fought and she won! However, we had no idea that what once saved her life would eventually be the cause of her death. You see, she had gotten interstitial lung disease from the many bouts of chemo and radiation she had 20 years ago. It came and it hit her hard...and fast. My parents and I were able to go visit her in St.Louis where she was in the hospital. For this, I am incredibly thankful...I was able to hug her and tell her I love her...little did I know it would be the last time. This was in the beginning of December. She was weak and couldn't breathe a whole lot but we were hopeful! We prayed for a miracle, after all, God asks us to pray BIG! We did...we prayed big...but God had different plans. My beautiful aunt was given the diagnosis of having 6 months to a year to live while in the hospital. She was able to come home and hospice was brought in. We were planning on making a trip the first weekend in January to be with her. She sounded great on the phone, so happy to be home....four days after her coming home, we got the news. She had passed away in the early morning on December 23rd with her two boys by her side. My aunt was an amazing, amazing woman. She raised three children all on her own. Two boys and one girl. The yongest two...twins. She was SO much more than an aunt to me, she was a friend...the person I called in college when I had a problem and I was afraid to call my mom. She and I were so, so close. I miss her everyday....everyday. I cry at the strangest moments, but it is getting better. God knew what he was doing when he took Joyce home. She is walking in Heaven with my uncle Gary and my grandma and grandpa now! She is breathing freely and rejoicing with angels....thank you God for that!
Well, that's my update for the past 119 days. I'm sure I left a lot out, but I'm going to try to start fresh here! ;) OH and I made this layout today!!! It is my first attempt at making one and I'm pretty happy with it!!! I finally am putting my photoshop and html skills to use! How fun!! Let me know what ya think! :)

My little Elvis on Halloween with his Geisha girlfriends, Maya and Olivia.

My little sweetie on Christmas morning

Myself and the three most amazing cousins ever...Andrew, Jamie, and Ashley. These are my aunt Joyce's three children.


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