Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kids Commons

Jake has been able to take several Friday's off this summer because of some extra time he had to burn so one Friday we decided to head up to Kids Commons. It is a children's museum in Columbus about 20 min from where we live. I had heard that it would be perfect for Connor because it was geared a little more to younger kids. We LOVE the Indianapolis Children's Museum, but it can be a little crazy sometimes so we figured Kids Commons would be perfect. The nice thing was that there were not a lot of people there since it was a weekday. The museum is three levels and it is all very open and accomadating to little feet running from place to place. They even have a climbing wall, (which obviously Connor was not big enough for yet). They have a bubble room, a house that has a large toilet that you can actually get into a (a personal favorite of mine and Jake's) and several blocks and art projects. We stayed most of the day and Connor had a blast. It is for sure a place that I know we will be revisiting!

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Jessica G. said...

Looks like fun! Kinda wish we had something like that around here...I guess the kids will have to settle for playing in the neighbors' window wells.