Monday, August 11, 2008

First post....what a weekend!

Well, I had started this blogger account some time ago, but had never kept up with it. I am really hoping now to stay on the ball and update as much as possible! I'll start with our weekend because we had a busy one!
Friday morning my mom called me to see if Connor and I wanted to go shopping in Nashville. (she had the day off) Well, it was gorgeous out, so of course Connor and I wanted to go. We stopped at Mooresville and ate at a small diner called Kathy's Place. It is definitely a townie place, but nonetheless the food was amazing (even if we did only get a 1/2 order of fries!!!) Only my mom would get that...sorry. Anyway, we shared the BEST coconut cream pie I have ever tasted...Connor loved it as well. From there, we hit up Nashville for a bit and just enjoyed the day. It was a lot of fun and Connor wants grandma to take every Friday off of work now!
On Saturday, Jake, my parents, Connor and I all went to the Indiana State Fair! This was the first time that my parents or Connor had ever been there, but Jake and I had gone two years ago when we first moved here. I was in a wheelchair at the time because of my broken leg, and my wonderful husband, bless his heart, pushed me around the whole fair! This time though, I was on two legs! We didn't get there till' about 7 pm and we could not have asked for a better night...the weather was fantastic! Connor went on a pony ride and LOVED it! He rode the carousel twice (once with dad, once with grandpa John). Too bad my dad didn't realize how fast the carousel went and the look on his face was almost more entertaining than Connor's! Jake took him on a bee ride as well, but Connor was uninterested...apparently the little guy likes speed! I had some fried chocolate chip cookie dough and it was the BEST stuff ever! I opted out of the fried Pepsi (????) The smells of the fair (when we were not in the 4-H barns) were intoxicating...from the corn dogs, to the elephant ears, the taffy, steaks, corn on the cob, cotton candy, tacos, cheese cubes, etc., etc. It was a dieter's nightmare and a food lover's dream. Not only were the smells wonderful, but the sounds weren't too bad either. It just so happened that Daughtry was there that night and he sounded amazing as we walked from ride to ride. Jake and I decided to ride the tilt-a-whirl for old time's sake and realized we might be getting old...we thought it went so fast and we were feeling the effects for some time after. Although, I will have to say, we laughed harder on that ride, than we have laughed in a long, long time. Throughout all of this, our little man was awake and amazing! He is such a people watcher and enjoyed every minute. There was not one cry from him the whole night and we didn't leave till' about 11:00pm. He hasn't been up that late in a LONG time. It was a great time, but something that I am glad is only once a year...because, to be honest...that's plenty! :)
On Sunday, Jake and I lounged the whole day with Connor. We grilled out steak and corn on the cob (which was delicious) and played outside. All in all it was a lazy Sunday and we enjoyed every minute of it. Here are some pictures from our weekend!

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