Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bears fans lost in a sea of Colts Blue

So, as many of you know, Jake and I (and always will be) Chicago Bears fans. Our first year here we had to deal with the Super Bowl loss at every corner. I was working downtown at the time and was stuck in traffic, I don't know how many times, due to Colt's rallies, parades, player's appearances, etc. While this pleased my co-workers, it did nothing but annoy the heck out of me. No, I did not want to walk to the mall on my lunch hour to get Jeff Saturday to sign a picture and no, I didn't care to watch out the window of our downtown building at the rally going on down below. Telling them I was a Bear's fan only led to more ribbing, seeing as the Colt's had just beat them in the most important game in football. Oh well...I will always stand true to my team. Nonetheless...the point of this post is that we got the opportunity to tour the Colt's new stadium today...after watching it being put up for the past year and admiring it's vastness, I was curious. Besides, our tax dollars did help pay for it, right? So, we got the little man up early and headed downtown. We made it to stadium in time for the ribbon cutting ceremony, and got inside around 10:30. There was a lot to see and a lot of people. If I never see another Colts jersey in my life after today, I would be o.k. Everyone from teeny tiny babies to 80yr olds had one on...but hey, it is their team. I have to remember that. We finally made it on the field, which was very cool. The suites were beautiful and we got a glimpse of the locker room's. All in all, we are glad we went. The stadium itself really is something. There is a lot going on and a lot to see. Connor looked right at home on that football field, and hey, if he grows up and plays for the Colt's...I just might become a fan. Until then, you will catch me in my orange and blue...see ya on the field September 7th! GO BEARS!

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