Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Swimming! (or not)

Connor had his first swim class on Monday night. Both Jake and I were just sure that he would love it because we took him to the pool last summer and he loved it! He also loves his bath and would spend all night in it turning into one big raisin if we let him. Apparently though, such is not the case with him and the pool now. As soon as Jake got in the pool with Connor in his arms, Connor started crying. He pretty much cried through the whole thing. Connor's little friend Madelyn was also taking the class and she did wonderful! Her mom and I did seem to notice though, that she was shivering while in the pool. When Jake got out, he said the water was freezing!!! It was hard to believe cuz' the room we were in felt like a sauna, it was like 85 degrees...but not the water I guess. We were told the water would be warm, but it was not. Sooooo I don't know if Connor will ever like it with such cold water, but we will keep trying. We go back tonight for round two...maybe I should dress him in his winter jacket and gloves to swim in!

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Rebecca Jo said...

So good to get kids in swimming lessons early!!!